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My guitars are aimed at demanding guitarists who are looking for a powerful and handsome
instrument showcasing the finest build quality. I offer a range of traditional and contemporary guitars
that will satisfy the individual needs of most players. In my website I hope to answer many questions
about my design philosophy, my construction methods and the musical properties of my guitars.
Naturally, you will only be able to draw your own conclusions if you try the instruments for yourself,
so I invite you to visit my studio in beautiful Kavala, where I will be delighted to meet you in person.


The Passion Of Guitar Making

The Story

Charalampos Koumridis is a masterful, self-taught classical guitar luthier hailing from Greece. With his background in craftsmanship, combined with his passionate character and tireless energy, Koumridis quickly developed as a luthier and reached a high level of expertise. His daughter's interest in guitar and his wife's musical background sparked Koumridis' initial foray into guitar building, and he quickly fell in love with the craft.

Over the years, Koumridis has studied and perfected traditional guitar building techniques, as well as the methods of modern luthiers who utilize double top and lattice designs. With his extensive knowledge and experience, Koumridis has developed his own unique sound, blending traditional elements with modern features such as exceptional projection, sustain, note separation, and warm, powerful bass with full, rich trebles. He offers three distinct models, each designed to meet the needs of modern guitarists: the Traditional Concert Model, the Double Top Concert Model, and the Lattice Braced Concert Model.

Throughout his journey, Koumridis has been supported by top-level guitarists from Greece, particularly from Kavala, who generously provided invaluable advice. Today, Koumridis guitars are played by notable soloists from Greece and abroad, cementing their status as premier instruments sought after by discerning guitarists worldwide.


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