MMy lattice guitars are inspired by the Australian school of thought, weighing approximately under 3 kilograms. The defining feature of these guitars is the extremely thin top, reinforced by a lattice frame made of balsa wood and coated with carbon fibre. These instruments produce a modern sound, exceptionally loud but balanced at every part of the fretboard. They are powerful and sensitive even to the lightest touch with a rich tone that retains the warmth and beauty of a classical guitar. They are the ideal choice for chamber music and have been loved by many soloists who would normally opt for a laƫce guitar. With this model, I have aimed to achieve a more mellow, natural tone, while staying true to the Australian philosophy and retaining the unique character of laƫce guitars, which has attracted many performers since their inception.
  • Western Red Cedar top
  • 650mm scale length, 20 frets
  •  Madagascar,ziricote or several more rosewoods back and sides
  • Elevated fingerboard
  • Armrest
  • Spanish cedar neck, Ebony Fingerboard
  • Ebony bar neck reinforcement
  • Bridge : padouk  Tie block: 12-hole type
  • Finished with Shellac or  Nitrocellulose Lacquer
  • ​Alessi tuning machines H5
  • Weighs approximately (new lighter design) 2400gr​​
  • Action height at 12th fret: 1st string – 2.7 mm 6th string – 3.7 mm;
  • Neck thickness: 1st fret – 21.5 mm ,9th fret – 23,5 mm
  • Total length: 99,8 cm
  • Body length: 48.4 cm
  • Body width – upper bout: 28 cm
  • Body width – waist: 23.9 cm
  • Body width – lower bout: 37.0 cm
  • Body depth increasing from 9.4 cm  to 10.8 cm
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